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“The number one company that services all of your real estate marketing needs!”

JFW Photography specializes in the marketing needs of real estate agents on and surrounding Cape Cod. JFW Photography was founded by Jonathan Watkins, who had a dream to offer Professional, Affordable, and Stunning Real Estate Photography and services across the board to all agents. Centrally located in Chatham, JFW Photography covers all of Cape Cod and the Islands. We currently offer the following services to aid in the presentation and sale of a property.


“Sell Your Next Home in a Snap!”
We’d love to help you sell your property. You have one chance to impress prospective buyers. Having professional real estate photography is now a must:

  • On average, homes that are professionally photographed sell 3 weeks earlier than homes with amateur photos
  • Listings with professional photos sell from $3,400 to $11,200 more

Ultimately, professional photos will allow you to sell more homes, for more money, with less work.


A professional video or video walkthrough is a fantastic way to make your property stand out.

Our Video Productions cover all essential angles while enticing the viewer to want to see more.  Normally put to simple music, they can be customized with a voice over to add an in-depth story to assist in selling the property. They can also be added to any drone video.

The video walkthroughs do a fantastic job of showing the flow of the house. Perfect for off cape or international buyers and markets.

Please visit our website to see examples.


What better way to show off your Beautiful Property, than from the Air? Our pilots are fully licensed and insured to fly! Aerial views of your property can be a huge selling point and ultimately give your potential buyer a better idea of the layout of the land.

We offer two packages for our Drone Photography; Aerial Videos and Aerial Stills. 

 Aerial Video

-Highlights key aspects of your Property.

-Full 360 of the home/building.

-Includes up to 10 Aerial stills pulled from the video itself.

-Put to tasteful music to compliment the video.

-Shot in 4K Resolution.

Aerial Stills

–  Still shots taken from the air showcasing key aspects your property and the surroundings.


Sometime’s photographs just can not capture the exact layout of a home. Therefore, we have decided to add in Professional Floor Plans to our services. Having a floor plan can show off the attractive layout and greatly increase your chance of having a buyer in the door.


We also offer headshots, wedding and engagement photography, senior portraits, and staging/design consultation.

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